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Learn in-person over four consecutive days, 90 minutes each day.
Become a self-sufficient meditator with a transformative practice.
Receive a lifetime of support as a meditator.

The Plan for Israel

Our mission is to teach 1% of the population of Israel Vedic Meditation - 90,000 people.

This effort will help to heal trauma, restore a personal sense of peace and hope, and ultimately create a region wide coherence that promotes a sustainable and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Evidence shows that meditation is a powerful tool to cope with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and stress-related symptoms.

Meditate For World Peace aims to make meditation widely available in conflict zones without the financial burden.

We are fundraising to bring 10 international Master teachers of Vedic Meditation to teach in Israel, and sponsor meditation courses for 9,000 people in 2024.

Once a student learns to meditate in-person over a 4 day course, they receive a lifetime of support with their practice; including a weekly group meditation and access to a global meditation community.

The cost of creating the project and sponsoring the meditation course amounts to $100USD per person.

We need your support to help fund this project and bring it to life.

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